Looking for NXT Belts Championship Replica Title?

TheĀ NXT Belt Championship is a world championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE. Like defended as the top championship of their NXT brand division. So, it is one of WWE’s three world championships, along with the WWE Championship on Raw and the Universal Championship on SmackDown.


In June 2012, WWE established NXT Championship as their developmental territory, replacing Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). So on July 26, the NXT Championship was introduced as the brand’s top championship. As well as its first title, in turn, replacing the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship that had been retired along with the FCW territory. But NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes announced an eight-man single-elimination tournament, dubbed the “Gold Rush” tournament. Which involved four wrestlers from NXT and four wrestlers from WWE’s main roster competing to be crowned the first NXT Champion.

NXT Belt Design

The original NXT Championship belt featured a simple design. The large gold center plate was the letter “X”. On the center-left side of the X was a smaller letter “N” while on the opposing right side was the letter “T”. SO, the belt contained six total side plates, three sitting on either side of the center plate; each side plate only featured the WWE logo. But, on WrestleMania weekend 2017, all existing NXT title belts at the time were redesigned. So the new title belts were unveiled at TakeOver. Orlando that same night and given to the winners of their respective matches.

New NXT Belts Designs

Like the previous design, the plates are gold and on a black leather strap. And the letter “X” again dominates the center plate with smaller letters “N” and “T” sitting on the left and right sides, respectively. Because of this new design, however, the letters are on an octagonal-shaped plate. So, above the “X” is the WWE logo, while below the “X” is a banner that reads “Champion”. Simple ornamentation with some silver fills in the rest of the plate. Coming in line with the majority of WWE’s other championships, the new design includes side plates with a removable center section. That can be customized with the champion’s logo, the default plates feature the WWE

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